The BEST Of The DC Universe On The Graham Norton Show

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The Graham Norton Show

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Who's excited for the new DC Extended Universe!?
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Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas 19 uur geleden
Robert Pattinson's real voice is so much more beautiful than the way he sounds in the Twilight movies.
Global00Vintage 6 dagen geleden
Graham is truly artful. He knows exactly how to steer a conversation going off the rails to back on course, and he knows when to let a guest run with it because the audience and the guests (and Graham) are having a ball. I never get tired of watching this show.
Ailo Spjellok
Ailo Spjellok 7 dagen geleden
"and so, like you know, just like uhhhh screaming" does this man know how to mouth sounds?
No Chips Only Crisps
No Chips Only Crisps 8 dagen geleden
The first video right to pattinson.The girl moaned
Dany Hocine
Dany Hocine 12 dagen geleden
Snoop was even more stoned when he finally met the rock
rose191991 12 dagen geleden
henry ❣️
Malin Steffen
Malin Steffen 13 dagen geleden
is that ... Snoop Dog on the Graham Norton Show...?why have u never seen that before ??
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 14 dagen geleden
Jason mamoa is like that guy who sits next to the sad kid and cheers him up and also makes everyone laugh
Hellwyck 16 dagen geleden
Henry Cavil with glasses saying "I did indeed" is more like Michael Caine in Alfie.
JustMyOpinion 17 dagen geleden
Robert Pattinson said “like” 14 times in that clip btw
Timmy 19 dagen geleden
wait Robert Pattinson in dc?
petrolhead1987 7 dagen geleden
@Timmy there is a trailer already released.
Timmy 17 dagen geleden
@Sam27 whaaaaaaaat is it already confirmed?
Sam27 17 dagen geleden
Yeah he is going to be the new Bruce Wayne.
Mitch Gibson
Mitch Gibson 21 dag geleden
Oh Margot is one of THOSE Harry Potter fans
Alexandra Hill
Alexandra Hill 21 dag geleden
Cara - as Gaeilge = friend,.... cairde is plural of cara...
Alba 22 dagen geleden
I love that most of the time Graham will call his guests by their full name xD
Mr Wolfe
Mr Wolfe 24 dagen geleden
Jason Momoa seems like such a bro
LighthawkTenchi 25 dagen geleden
I've heard, in order to find a stunt double for the Rock, they need two other buff guys to do a DBZ Fusion, and the resulting entity is at least an approximation to him.
Rama Krishna Pinnimty
Rama Krishna Pinnimty 28 dagen geleden
Britain has got some amazing editors. For example, Kitchen Nightmares posts some amazing memes and this show puts out great clips and compilations.
Anna G
Anna G Maand geleden
Super mans glasses are actually made from a special kryptonite or something and that distorts his image. At least I read that that’s in the comics
Anna G
Anna G Maand geleden
Amy Adams saying “Do you bleed?” Is even better than the line in the movie
Anna G
Anna G Maand geleden
I forgot that Robert is actually English. He plays American so well and so often
Gaby Dorado
Gaby Dorado Maand geleden
I LOVE that TGNS included a video about their DCEU guests!!!
Gary Gallant
Gary Gallant Maand geleden
Love Graham Norton. We don't have one in America sadly.
EJ XOF66 Maand geleden
The Rock was never in a DC movie.
Sgt. Volosataya Borodavka
Sgt. Volosataya Borodavka Maand geleden
13:02 i love how Henry realises the power that was just bestowed on him and freezes for a second
Sarah Maand geleden
That's an indication that Robert NEEDS to get back on the show real soon! We want him back
Nested Bird
Nested Bird Maand geleden
I came here for two things ..cavill and mamoa
syriana 95
syriana 95 Maand geleden
i NEEDED this clip
Langford_artist Maand geleden
A lot of people: " Robert Pattison can never be batman he was in twilight, RECAST HIM NOW RRRRRRRRRRREEEEE" DC: Drops The Batman trailer staring Robert Pattison Those same people: "forget what I said Pattison will be an amazing batman, I'm Vengeance!!!"
Rahul Rathod
Rahul Rathod Maand geleden
The Rock saying Stuntmen/women are the backbones of the business just shows how humble he is. Because not enough people give credit to them in Hollywood or any form of Cinema
Burls Maand geleden
Imagine sitting on a sofa in between Dwayne Johnson and snoop dog
Javsco Maand geleden
The Rock in DC... When? I don't remember.
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker Maand geleden
Black adam at fandome
Dan Cole
Dan Cole Maand geleden
Will Smith is absolutely right. I'm an actor, but the idea of going on stage as a standup is utterly terrifying. Not having someone else's words to fall back on is just amazing to me. I've had to add lib to get stuff back on track, but being alone on stage with just myself to depend on is an honest to god, live awake nightmare.
Mali Mugan
Mali Mugan Maand geleden
Orodon Kassa
Orodon Kassa Maand geleden
The Rock was in a DC movie?
Orodon Kassa
Orodon Kassa Maand geleden
@syriana 95 k thx
syriana 95
syriana 95 Maand geleden
Orodon Kassa yeah its not out yet though. Its called Black Adam
Ben Parker
Ben Parker Maand geleden
was The Rock ever in a DC movie? maybe its a reference to the upcoming movie
Grilla EditZ
Grilla EditZ 22 dagen geleden
yeah he is playing black adam
Danny Bobby
Danny Bobby Maand geleden
Superman came to earth as the most powerful being and disguised himself as one of the weakest to fit in.
liviusss Maand geleden
OMG, they were all adorable in this clip...
big goober
big goober Maand geleden
i love that robert is already part of the DC family now
Sanmitra Deshpande
Sanmitra Deshpande Maand geleden
Lol I forgot Will Smith was in the DCEU cuz I forgot Suicide freaking Squad exists.
Aiden Kane
Aiden Kane Maand geleden
as soon as the picture of Margot Robbie reading Harry Potter showed up and she said there are couple pathetic things about the picture I knew immediately and said to myself "She really didn't need glasses did she?"
HRHDMKYT Maand geleden
I'd love to see Kevin Hart be interviewed *after* he was mistaken for Usain Bolt last week. How could anyone possibly mistake Bolt for Hart?
sebeckley Maand geleden
At some angles, especially in the glasses, Henry Cavill looks so much like Christopher Reeves!
Joshua Harrison
Joshua Harrison Maand geleden
Jason mamoa is really fun😂
samoan SAIYAN
samoan SAIYAN Maand geleden
Where can one find the full episode? Thanks
jimena cardona
jimena cardona Maand geleden
the guy tht made this video deserves a raise 😩👌🏻
Jazmin Maand geleden
Rob, Jason and Henry - on the couch at the same time, is it possible Mr. Norton?
Mex Maand geleden
Uh where is Amber Heard? She should be in here too, kinda offensive to leave her out.
petrolhead1987 7 dagen geleden
Also kind of insensitive to people in violent relationships to put her in.
Ackshay Shukla
Ackshay Shukla Maand geleden
Want to hear more of Henry talking. And Amy Adams sounded more like the villain Bane. She is such a brilliant actress. I think Henry wasn't feeling good on the couch and Amy did her best to make him feel good as a co-star. Graham can sometimes be off-putting with his remarks.
RoseberryGamingID Maand geleden
Micael Rodrigues
Micael Rodrigues Maand geleden
Cara means face or friend, depending on the context and country
Douglas Trazzare
Douglas Trazzare Maand geleden
go know - it was Laurie Anderson who invented Batman...
Big Ass Cloud Boi
Big Ass Cloud Boi Maand geleden
I bet Graham himself is behind this channel and he’s treating the comment section like the red chair lol
G Macchiavelli
G Macchiavelli 3 dagen geleden
That would be hilarious.
Sibongile Kheswa
Sibongile Kheswa 25 dagen geleden
😂 😂 😂 😂, never thought of it that way but now that you mention it, i think you are right
Joshua Joseph
Joshua Joseph Maand geleden
Will and Kevin should do a range of things, new bad boys, stand up tour, music
Alicja Mikołajczak
Alicja Mikołajczak Maand geleden
I didn't reed Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings.. I don't watch Tv..
Umar Iqbal
Umar Iqbal Maand geleden
I’d like to thank Robert Pattinson for this compilation.
Eman Khashan
Eman Khashan Maand geleden
"It was the same in sense and sensibility" you gotta love Hugh 😂😂😂😂
sizwe skosana
sizwe skosana Maand geleden
Jason Momoa is really hilarious 😂and he has a great sense of humor 😄
Eman Khashan
Eman Khashan Maand geleden
I swear if you uploaded every day I'll be here to watch again and again 💖
Ranjini Maand geleden
Graham talking about Robert Pattinson's crazy fans Jake Whitehall : tell me about it .
Jade Martin
Jade Martin Maand geleden
So happy amber heard was not invited. She needs her role replaced.
kvaknan here
kvaknan here Maand geleden
Zack is mentioned 3 times 😅
Sara Munoz
Sara Munoz Maand geleden
The superman glasses on/glasses off disguise has the same energy as doofenshmirtz and perry the platypus
Ranjini Ghosh
Ranjini Ghosh Maand geleden
And hannah montana/miley cyrus wig on and off. I was just waiting for Henry to say, "i feel like hannah montana" as he was putting his glasses on
Pearl Sheridan
Pearl Sheridan Maand geleden
Will Smith never fails to tell an amazing story haha
Anchal Joshi
Anchal Joshi Maand geleden
Robert ❤️
kvaknan here
kvaknan here Maand geleden
BVS:UE is Underrated!
kvaknan here
kvaknan here Maand geleden
My god DC has some quality cast
The Martial artist
The Martial artist Maand geleden
I love graham
RoughDuck Maand geleden
But it’s not just the glasses that hide clark Kent it’s the fact that kryptonians are telepathic and the glasses are made of lead
OptimusGPrime Maand geleden
"The BEST Of The DC Universe"... "Shows Will Smith" *shudder* I guess someone didn't see Suicide Squad.
Black Panther
Black Panther Maand geleden
A Network
A Network Maand geleden
seowoo Maand geleden
It's such a great talk show, entertaining, humorous...
echi echi
echi echi Maand geleden
I just noticed C. Bale never been on this show cuz this
echi echi
echi echi Maand geleden
Is RobPat here cuz he's batman?
Indomitable T
Indomitable T Maand geleden
echi echi. Indeed😌
Japanimal Maand geleden
Graham - "What would Superman say?" Henry - "I'm Batman"
Hcneyed Maand geleden
And I’m secretly in love with Superman 😏
Emma Stown
Emma Stown Maand geleden
Udit Gor
Udit Gor Maand geleden
Margot Robbie freaking out knowing Daniel hasn't read the last part is exactly what my reaction was.
Treasure_Seeker Maand geleden
Did Dwayne ever played any DC characters? 🤔
RoughDuck Maand geleden
He’s playing black Adam in the black Adam movie that’s coming out soon
Epicdankmemesenpaisan chandonosama
Epicdankmemesenpaisan chandonosama Maand geleden
ElPsyCongrootemeyaro dattebayo daisuki sushi bansaitemeyaro dattebayo daisuki sushi bansaitemeyaro dattebayo daisuki sushi bansaitemeyaro dattebayo daisuki sushi bansaitemeyaro dattebayo daisuki sushi
YASSIR T Maand geleden
The graham show is “Friends” of youtube, I lOoove it
Celos Maand geleden
Will would be successful with comedy shows if he kept it to his life before major fame. After fame his life veered away from typical lifestyle. His youtube stories and his kids videos make almost no sense to non-rich or non-famous people
Pratika Singh
Pratika Singh Maand geleden
How nice of them to include Robert as the newest member of DC universe.
imkluu Maand geleden
Ben and Henry need to be given a new movie of their own in the DCEU.
coolnegative Maand geleden
Amy Adams is a properly, truly, lovely woman.
Indomitable T
Indomitable T Maand geleden
coolnegative. Her response to her voice with the microphone is indeed lovely❣️🤩
triphophoney Maand geleden
For my upcoming birthday, I'd like to go out on a date with both Jason Momoa and Henry Cavill. They'd lovingly feed me a slice of Justice League themed cake. Knowing how naughty Jason can be, he'd probably enlist Henry's help in shoving my entire face into the cake. Hehehe!
Aulia Nurhasanah
Aulia Nurhasanah Maand geleden
I dunno why but I’m still watching this over and over again 😂
caljones Maand geleden
I remember hearing that Dwayne caught Michael Clarke Duncan during “scorpion king,” but not a stunt man. The lot of them talked about in the special features
Sami Seifeddine
Sami Seifeddine Maand geleden
Sir Casman Marvellolover
Sir Casman Marvellolover Maand geleden
Nice finally acknowledging Robert Pattinson and Dwayne Johnson in the DC universe!
Matheus Omena
Matheus Omena Maand geleden
"Cara" means "face" in Portuguese...
Matheus Omena
Matheus Omena Maand geleden
@Liliana Varela Yes, probably. There are so many common words in the two languages...
Liliana Varela
Liliana Varela Maand geleden
Also in español
anwarkasi Maand geleden
What happened to Ben Affleck’s face? 😧
whutzat Maand geleden
Kariné Poghosyan
Kariné Poghosyan Maand geleden
Hurray new Graham Video!!! 🎉🎉🎉
Burhan Khalid
Burhan Khalid Maand geleden
Is it just me or do y'all prefer DC to Marvel too?
eangel eyesr
eangel eyesr Maand geleden
Hahaha cara is indeed the inflight magazine 😂
Barney the dinosaur *not from tv*
Barney the dinosaur *not from tv* Maand geleden
I want to strangle whoever wrote twilight
Nasra Mohamed
Nasra Mohamed Maand geleden
I wasn’t sure what happened to his accent for the first few seconds he was speaking 😭😭😭
Dela Dela
Dela Dela Maand geleden
This show is my new favorite thing
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey Maand geleden
jason momoa is so goofy i love him
Betül Bulut
Betül Bulut Maand geleden
That's not even subtle, it's just like hellooooooooo! Oh Graham 😂
Jack Coogan
Jack Coogan Maand geleden
This was more entertaining than any DC Universe movie (after Dark Knight)
Jack Coogan
Jack Coogan Maand geleden
Jlol it’s called a mustache, look it up bozo
Jlol Maand geleden
your beard looks like a horse shoe
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