Samuel L. Jackson LOVES Watching His Own Films | The Graham Norton Show

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8 dagen geleden

Samuel L. Jackson will be back this week! Joining him are Arsène Wenger, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Dawn French, Freddie Flintoff & Michael Kiwanuka!
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Joann Caporaletti
Joann Caporaletti 18 uur geleden
The hitman’s bodyguard! One of the best Samuel Jackson movie ever! Or at the very least, most hilarious movie ever!
Dav Bj
Dav Bj Dag geleden
Yeah cause he s barely in them...jackson is a forever quota cameo you put there to get your color point in movies that dont required black people aka mace windu
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas Dag geleden
Many times actors talk about how they don't see how it all comes together until making it is over. I can see why he would want to do that. He also wouldn't be in a movie where he didn't enjoy the story line as well.
jeffrey price
jeffrey price 2 dagen geleden
I should think he does, he's in every film ever made.
AGK 3 dagen geleden
How's Harrison Ford the highest grossing actor?? How many movies has he made in this decade? Shouldn't it be the rock? Or Robert Downey Jr? Or Tom cruise or something?? I don't get it!
redsabreanakin Dag geleden
They are talking all time box office dollars.
sumitabha chatterjee
sumitabha chatterjee 3 dagen geleden
Loved how brutally honest he was about the premiere thing..
Q1 q
Q1 q 3 dagen geleden see what normal people..., so this guy is not normal??? he is from mars maybe??Lol...
Danny R
Danny R 4 dagen geleden
I can just imagine Mr Jackson being asked: Graham: _"So, what was your favourite part of the movie?"_ Sam Jackson: _"The part where I say 'Motherf**ker!"_
Tammie A
Tammie A 4 dagen geleden
I'd love to meet Samuel. He's one of my favs!
Venus Washpun
Venus Washpun 4 dagen geleden
Always real about it!
Mntdewmania 5 dagen geleden
God I love how honest and straight forward Sam is LOVE IT!!!!!!
Keaven 5 dagen geleden
If I was Sam I'd watch my movie too.
Rosa Pardo
Rosa Pardo 5 dagen geleden
Samuel always that funny
disney fan
disney fan 5 dagen geleden
samuel l jackson get is own nick fury series on disney plus and his was in star wars and the incerdibles so yeah
The Best Name In The World
The Best Name In The World 3 dagen geleden
Marvel should give him his own show, and Star Wars should give him his own show, I heard Obie Wan is getting his.
Ryan Court
Ryan Court 5 dagen geleden
Your age definitively can predict how comfortable you are on Graham Norton's couch with no back support.
Odari Yohanes
Odari Yohanes 6 dagen geleden
Sam is too cool for school.
Abhijit Bhattacheryya
Abhijit Bhattacheryya 6 dagen geleden
If anyone ever deserved a "Bad Motherf*****" wallet, it had to be Sam Jackson. He's the coolest fonzie that there is
The Best Name In The World
The Best Name In The World 3 dagen geleden
I still want one.
RAY ENG 6 dagen geleden
he nailed it, i think exactly the same as him....ive watched tons of bad films with him but everytime he appear he freaking kills it! this guy rocks! lmao xD
lisa monroe
lisa monroe 6 dagen geleden
Samuel is the KING of COOL
AngryVikingGod 6 dagen geleden
Let's be honest, if he didn't watch his own movies there wouldn't be much for him to watch.
cyruslad 3 dagen geleden
The Best Name In The World
The Best Name In The World 3 dagen geleden
Jordan Verbeek
Jordan Verbeek 6 dagen geleden
I aim for the level of 'surfer dude' style chill that Samuel L Jackson shows every interview.
anwion 6 dagen geleden
No one can catch SLJ off one lol
Bas Keurprins
Bas Keurprins 6 dagen geleden
That's cool tho, be proud of your work. How could that be a bad thing. He can choose, he can pick his projects, why wouldn't he love a lot of em.
Felicia Kelley
Felicia Kelley 6 dagen geleden
You gotta love this guy!!!
Jennifer Hosegood
Jennifer Hosegood 6 dagen geleden
Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Marlyn Christian
Marlyn Christian 6 dagen geleden
Samuel L. Jackson is just the chaos.
Johnny Stob
Johnny Stob 6 dagen geleden
If I was as legendary as him, I would totally do the same thing.
Deborah Barnes
Deborah Barnes 6 dagen geleden
Yeh it’s only 70 mil. Love him.religiously !!!!!!! Of course. Sam J looks like someone you don’t mess with.
Manú 6 dagen geleden
His favorite role is in the Matrix
Bob Brownbear
Bob Brownbear 6 dagen geleden
Beloved :D
Sir.Raphim Revelator
Sir.Raphim Revelator 7 dagen geleden
Can't argue with anything that was said in this video.
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard 7 dagen geleden
Blinding pride and gluttoney. All topped off with greed. Sinners all of them.
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard 6 dagen geleden
@Johan Vajse yes i am. Only god can decide whos sins deserve repentance.
Johan Vajse
Johan Vajse 6 dagen geleden
everyone is a sinner, even you stop judging others
Luke-Adem Saunders
Luke-Adem Saunders 7 dagen geleden
I have so much respect for being like that cause so many don’t watch their own work and never have a full appreciation for the effort that went into the final product, props to him :)
Neel Menon Films
Neel Menon Films 7 dagen geleden
I loved him in The Matrix and The Shawshank Redemption
Neel Menon Films
Neel Menon Films 5 dagen geleden
it was a joke
Neel Menon Films
Neel Menon Films 5 dagen geleden
you really dont get it
Abhijit Bhattacheryya
Abhijit Bhattacheryya 6 dagen geleden
Great only he was in either of those movies ;)
Mary Barry
Mary Barry 6 dagen geleden
Yeah that was Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption.......
Cookieboymonster1962 7 dagen geleden
Watch Jungle Fever sometime. Samuel L Jackson is so good in it he's almost unwatchable, "Ï'm dancin' Momma"
Aishwarya S.B.
Aishwarya S.B. 7 dagen geleden
Woww for a moment I thought that they had come back to the original seating arrangement😅😂
Gino Minelli
Gino Minelli 7 dagen geleden
Samuel L.Jackson is a good Movie Star 😂
Billy McIver
Billy McIver 7 dagen geleden
He’s the best man
Paul 7 dagen geleden
Menace to society was his best role lol
Stylomagic 7 dagen geleden
Because we saw so many films with Samuel L Jackson, we came up with the theory, he must be God. I mean he is omnipresent, right?! Like God! But then he must be omniscient, what he is, I mean look at some of his roles like him in Pulp Fiction or Black Snake Moan. And well if he is omniscient AND omnipresent, he MUST be almighty! Because of this theory, if we watch a movie with Samuel L Jackson, we just say: "This movie is with God."
Nick Teoh
Nick Teoh 7 dagen geleden
Samuel L Jackson is so cool, he can show up at the Gobi desert and it'll snow.
M R 7 dagen geleden
Margaret Gust
Margaret Gust 7 dagen geleden
I remember seeing him on Oprah way back in the 1980s, when I still watched her. He said his mom told him one time, "You're really good at getting into character, now you need to learn how to get out of character when you're off the set." He said she was the only one brave enough to tell him that and she was right, he probably would have lost a lot of relationships because he didn't understand about leaving the character at the studio/work so he didn't lose himself.
Azrael 7 dagen geleden
I'm just a simple girl.. I saw Tom Hiddleston I clicked.. 😊
Timo B
Timo B 7 dagen geleden
but wait, Sam is in the same movie too only vocally so?????? Is that being counted as well or did Call Of The Wild detour that spot?
Amanda Jarboe
Amanda Jarboe 7 dagen geleden
Seriously, his self-confidence is inspiring!! If ever I got to pick my Spirit Animal, it would be him!
Gourgandise 7 dagen geleden
He tells it like it is. No filter. This is why we love him.
S Young
S Young 7 dagen geleden
I love him more now somehow 🤣
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson 7 dagen geleden
Pulp Fiction. Need I say more?! ❤️❤️❤️
Leon Chapman
Leon Chapman 7 dagen geleden
Star wars would of been more popular 😂😂 so true
whutzat 7 dagen geleden
That's REFRESHING compared to all these "faux humble" actors that go, "Oh I never watch any of my own films..."
Jawad Bhuiyan
Jawad Bhuiyan Dag geleden
While some are the "faux humble" type, most actors don't watch their own stuff because they will see all the flaws, mistakes they made and it can cause anxiety which can affect their next work.
Silver 7 dagen geleden
If I were him, I'd be the same way.
Utku Eker
Utku Eker 7 dagen geleden
Graham,you are the best.
Christain Marks
Christain Marks 7 dagen geleden
Gotta love this guy 😂😂😂✊🏾
greenbeancom38 7 dagen geleden
!!! Wakanda Forever !!!
darrell johnston
darrell johnston 7 dagen geleden
Mr. Jackson is the man. If he is in a movie I'll watch it just to hear him say motherf__ker.
Bublikoff 7 dagen geleden
Нихра не понятно😐
BlackAdder665 7 dagen geleden
That is ooone coool duuude! :-D
FelixBlue4 7 dagen geleden
I love this guy
gretchen ortner
gretchen ortner 7 dagen geleden
I love that he buys $1000 worth of tickets and gives them to the church or other people
Ella X
Ella X 2 dagen geleden
Can you imagine a priest going to see a Samuel L Jackson movie where he's just cursing about getting those motherf**king snakes off the motherf**cking plane? 😂😂
Angela Stratakos
Angela Stratakos 6 dagen geleden
I absolutely love that too!! That moved me when he said that.
Joydeep Bardhan
Joydeep Bardhan 7 dagen geleden
"This miyaaaan can't be defeated by Harrison Ford. Give this miyaaaaaaaaan, his maaaaani !" That's the monologue going in my mind, when I saw Malkovich sitting coiled up on that red sofa, beside Samuel L. Jackson.
Saef Emad
Saef Emad 7 dagen geleden
Samuel already 71 years old But he seems that he is 45 years old !!!!!! Is that normal?!!!
Sanie Isleam
Sanie Isleam 7 dagen geleden
I love Samuel Jackson: 😍
teanshin 7 dagen geleden
Mohammed Armaan
Mohammed Armaan 7 dagen geleden
I rlly luv Samuels sass
Rupali Jaiswal
Rupali Jaiswal 7 dagen geleden
Everyone talking about Sam Jackson and I'm staring at Tom laughing
Rupali Jaiswal
Rupali Jaiswal 5 dagen geleden
@Siddhartha Bhadra nah, it's just FANGIRLING
Siddhartha Bhadra
Siddhartha Bhadra 5 dagen geleden
Indians, and their obsession with white actors. :-) :-)
Vishnu Agrawal
Vishnu Agrawal 7 dagen geleden
Same pinch darling
Stevi Faccenda
Stevi Faccenda 7 dagen geleden
Me too... me too. Actually, the cat my display pic is my gorgeous kitty Loki. I named her after Tom :)
NO ONE 7 dagen geleden
"If I listen to people on the premiere they all gonna kiss my a*s and say they love it. But when i go with normal people Im gonna hear an honest reaction. Like *Eww this movie sucked* " Lol😂
Twin flames Undercover
Twin flames Undercover 7 dagen geleden
Marylin does too
BJ Hardcastle
BJ Hardcastle 7 dagen geleden
I really like Sam's jacket.
NO ONE 7 dagen geleden
Omg Graham is liking comments again😱😍
Richard Spruill
Richard Spruill 7 dagen geleden
He's a baddd mannn.
The Tick
The Tick 7 dagen geleden
So glad to see these people so well as Americans their brother and sisters don't have housing proper healthcare and so on and so on. Shame really. So much for the trickle down effect.
aredesuyo 7 dagen geleden
Mani Safaei
Mani Safaei 7 dagen geleden
He is astonishing
i.look. sad
i.look. sad 7 dagen geleden
“I’d watch star wars if you were in them.” i hope someone told her.
idkAlan 7 dagen geleden
Sam was talking about the current Star Wars trilogy, not the trilogy that he was in
Robertson Thirdly
Robertson Thirdly 7 dagen geleden
talking about the Abrams sequels
Suzanne Nixon
Suzanne Nixon 7 dagen geleden
They were talking about one that he wasn't in.
S1L3NT G4M3R 7 dagen geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
I rekt U
I rekt U 5 dagen geleden
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
irene broadley
irene broadley 6 dagen geleden
Me me me me .........
Spam in a can
Spam in a can 7 dagen geleden
one of of of us...
Peter Simon
Peter Simon 7 dagen geleden
I wonder if he's able to watch Snakes on a Plane or does he turn if off like the rest of us?
Stylomagic 7 dagen geleden
I LOVE this movie! Its a classic B-Movie. This kind of stuff brightens up my days, because they are funny af!
Isatu Mansaray
Isatu Mansaray 7 dagen geleden
He actually loves Snakes on A Plane. There's an interview or an article where he says that.
Ky Stan
Ky Stan 7 dagen geleden
I was wondering why the comments on this video was like 20 mins. ago then I realized it has just been uploaded lol😂
avertCO 7 dagen geleden
God I just love him!
Pulkit Khanna
Pulkit Khanna 7 dagen geleden
"its just 70 mil" okay captain fury, enough flex already.
Tristan Tarrant
Tristan Tarrant Dag geleden
You are right. And it's no longer Sam Jackson, but Stan Lee at 30B$
sacha Kovacevic
sacha Kovacevic Dag geleden
@Tristan Tarrant Pretty sure it's a lot more than 1B now. This was before civil war the interview. There's Captain marvel, Far from home, infinity war, Endgame, Hitmans Bodyguard. I don't know if there is anything else but it has to be more than 1B
Tristan Tarrant
Tristan Tarrant 5 dagen geleden
It's now close to 1B$ in his favour :)
Mr Pulaski
Mr Pulaski 7 dagen geleden
What's that guys name in the gray suit I seen him before but forgotten what
Growler The Dog
Growler The Dog 5 dagen geleden
@Johan Vajse now, that one I have seen - it's hilarious.
Johan Vajse
Johan Vajse 6 dagen geleden
might have seen or heard of a movie called Being John Malkovich if not, it's good
Growler The Dog
Growler The Dog 6 dagen geleden
@Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson Thanks. I haven't seen it, but will definitely check it out.
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson
Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson 7 dagen geleden
@Growler The Dog Man in the Iron Mask is a great one too if you haven't seen it!
Growler The Dog
Growler The Dog 7 dagen geleden
@Mr Pulaski No problemo. I haven't seen Of Mice and Men, but it's on my list.
wctrqn 7 dagen geleden
Samuel L Jackson is one cool cat!
Prashant Negi
Prashant Negi 7 dagen geleden
yeah, and Hentai too.
Abstra Abstra
Abstra Abstra 7 dagen geleden
I love that he tried to gauge the reactions of the general public. The public who actually watches his movies for entertainment. There is something deeply honourable that he still seeks a very direct review from the audience. Really admire him for that!
BE C 7 dagen geleden
Samuel L. Jackson is one of the coolest Hollywood stars around. Can't wait to see him return this week. Love that his wife, actress LaTanya Richardson, will be on as well. This should be a fun show to watch.
Alexander Cook
Alexander Cook 4 dagen geleden
@I rekt U haven't had a chance yet, I work late and I as busy last night haha Looking forward to it tomorrow with a nice glass of scotch!
I rekt U
I rekt U 5 dagen geleden
I watched it live
Alexander Cook
Alexander Cook 7 dagen geleden
Didn't know h was on this week!! Will defo have Iplayer that, thanks!!
marksapollo 7 dagen geleden
Your not going to get the perspective of the film and story as your making it, standing in front of giant green screens etc isn’t exactly going to give you the perception of the film, so it’s great to hear he goes and watches them, see what the film and story is meant to look like.
ReaverRogue 7 dagen geleden
Terry Crews does it too! Nothing wrong with watching yourself in a film. Hell I'd do it if I was that famous.
Margaret Gust
Margaret Gust 7 dagen geleden
I think a lot of good actors who are interested in improving do that - John Turtorro does it and he says he just sees what he did wrong, that he should have used his eyes, hands, whatever more or differently, it gives him tips on how to improve. I think that says those actors are proud of their work but always trying to improve and like Samuel Jackson said, getting a "real read" on what the public thinks.
Michael Howard
Michael Howard 7 dagen geleden
If you're part of an awesome movie, why wouldn't you want to see the finished product like everyone else?
MASTER3XPL0D3R7 7 dagen geleden
To be fair, I would too if I were him...
King Zande
King Zande 7 dagen geleden
I like that Sam Jackson isn't all "I can't watch myself" like the rest.
libertyordeaf 2 dagen geleden
I'm quite sure at least some of the "I can't watch myself" brigade actually spend a lot of time watching themselves. Even if you're not an egomaniac (which I'm sure many are) it's a good way to learn about and improve your acting.
The Quirky Quark
The Quirky Quark 6 dagen geleden
@Felicia Kelley I typo'd a couple words but I basically remembered this clip from a while back. he doesn't express not watching his own movies, I suppose I just inferred that.
Felicia Kelley
Felicia Kelley 6 dagen geleden
@The Quirky Quark huh?
The Quirky Quark
The Quirky Quark 6 dagen geleden
and funny that he's sitting next to John to doesn't like to because he doesn't like how he sounds.
Felicia Kelley
Felicia Kelley 6 dagen geleden
That’s dope
Jordan 7 dagen geleden
Wonder what his favourite Samuel L Jackson film is...
Jamie Willis
Jamie Willis 2 dagen geleden
Got to be Pulp Fiction
Akai Seigo
Akai Seigo 3 dagen geleden
I think Kite will be the least. I love what he did with the narration about the penguins, a wild contrast to Morgan Freeman's take on March of the Penguins.
chaff5 4 dagen geleden
All of them.
Asee MICHAEL 5 dagen geleden
Polp fiction
Filip Imbeni
Filip Imbeni 5 dagen geleden
He has been asked the question Answer : snakes on a plane
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 7 dagen geleden
He's alive ? 😳
Sanjay Thandeeswaran
Sanjay Thandeeswaran 7 dagen geleden
That yeah he said definitely meant "for now" 😂
Saurabh Sharma
Saurabh Sharma 6 dagen geleden
Dhoni fan spotted!
Eoin Mac Donnchadha
Eoin Mac Donnchadha 7 dagen geleden
Kool Dood
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