Dolly Parton Was Blown Away By Whitney Houston's Cover of 'I Will Always Love You'

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The Graham Norton Show

23 dagen geleden

Dolly Parton Shares the first moment she heard Whitney Houston's cover of 'I Will Always Love You'
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iLindah Productions
iLindah Productions 12 uur geleden
i love dolly.
Matt Snow
Matt Snow Dag geleden
Dolly is a nation treasure. She has done is all throughout her amazing career: singing, performing, writing, acting, business, philanthropy.
Duncan Wheeler
Duncan Wheeler Dag geleden
Poor Whitney, my heart goes out to such a troubled soul. Such a beautiful light, extinguished. Peace, love and light to her.
The Official Andy Saenz
The Official Andy Saenz 2 dagen geleden
Whitney Houston is the gold standard of singing, in my opinion. She’s the greatest singer of all time, in my opinion. May she rest in Heaven.
Deka Aden
Deka Aden 2 dagen geleden
I been dolly land and I love Dolly so much ❤️❤️❤️
Matthew K
Matthew K 3 dagen geleden
Female 👏🏻 artists 👏🏻 supporting 👏🏻 female 👏🏻 artists 👏🏻
ricardo sampaio
ricardo sampaio 3 dagen geleden
Gotta respect Dolly! This woman walked the walk and talked the talk.
Gio Leedy
Gio Leedy 3 dagen geleden
Gotta love her. ❤️❤️❤️
Dave Green
Dave Green 4 dagen geleden
I just wonder at what point of her listening to that the first time did it dawn on her..."She just made me a lot of money!" She's joked about it over the years. "They can give Whitney the credit, just send me the check," and I know she sincerely respects Whitney's version, but she had to at least be thinking, this is going to be a hit.
Sam Calvert
Sam Calvert 4 dagen geleden
I LOVE Dolly Parton! For a moment, I thought Dolly was sitting in the "Big Red Chair"! LOL
Candace Young
Candace Young 5 dagen geleden
This is why Dolly Parton is the GOAT. She is the ultimate songwriter. This, and her acknowledgment of The White Stripes' version of Jolene, as one of her favorites tells you that she understands that songwriting is telling a story, in as many ways as possible.
Trevon Womack
Trevon Womack 6 dagen geleden
If your not a fan of country music then this video isn’t for you >.>
Tyson Wheeler
Tyson Wheeler 8 dagen geleden
Can she just be President... of the world? Like, ALL of it! Talent, grace, class, and a business woman. Dolly forever.
Enrike HerNaN
Enrike HerNaN 11 dagen geleden
Dolly lovely in every way !
enlightendbel 12 dagen geleden
Must be something unique and special to be driving home from work, listening to the radio and then literally hear your bank account balance explode into heights you could previously not even imagine. Dolly on Withneys song: "When I sang that song, I was able to bring money to the bank. When Withney sang my song, I was able to buy the bank". And that's not the only thing she's been brutally honest about. As seen in these interviews, her cosmetic alterations are something she's very open about. She's brutally honest about her fake nails, fake hair, fake boobs, fake everything and most of all, brutally honest these things are what helped her get rich.
Under the Surface
Under the Surface 13 dagen geleden
Sorry but Dolly is a skeleton she should age more gracefully and not so plastic and made up She wears gloves cause you can't hide the age spots on the back of hands
J L 13 dagen geleden
This is why shes the best. No shade. No diva.
karan t
karan t 14 dagen geleden
There are legends who are looked up by other singers. But you know you're in a different league when you're a legend looked up by other legends. Whitney Houston was that woman. Once in 100 years. 👑
Male Isac
Male Isac 15 dagen geleden
I wish Queen Whitney was here to listen to this amazing tribute😭❤️
Gregory Reed
Gregory Reed 16 dagen geleden
I swear, Whitney's is mind blowing, but I love Dolly's version better
PsychologistNadia 18 dagen geleden
She also said in her docu that Elvis had asked to cover it but she refused, decades later it was meant for Whitney
Tyrone Shoelaces
Tyrone Shoelaces 18 dagen geleden
I'm 54. I remember my dad listening to her when I was a kid, little kid... there's this song, Me and Little Andy...💔💔 ... I used to cry as a kid... I haven't been able to listen to it since because I know I am going to cry 😂😂😂 I love this woman 🤩 I love her music. My parents drove us from Michigan to go to Dollywood, back in the 80's❤️❤️❤️ So funny and smart... she could sing for a commercial and I would be GLUED ❤️❤️❤️
Bossssch 18 dagen geleden
And she still receives royalty-checks. 👑
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 18 dagen geleden
What a class act! I hope to see her live in my lifetime.
maryam mure
maryam mure 18 dagen geleden
Dolly's was good but Whitney's version. OMG!! It's like she made it her own and it was. I didn't even know it was a cover. Wow. Just like Mariah Carey. I didn't know she did covers. She makes it her own. OMG!! That's what you call true talents.
vallieegirl 18 dagen geleden
Dolly is a jewel! She has always been a sweet and feisty, gracious woman.
Patrick Adair
Patrick Adair 18 dagen geleden
TaraBelle76 18 dagen geleden
I have a friend and her husband worked on Dolly's security team a few years back and he said that she was THE sweetest , kindest lady ! I LOVE HER !
coco bloco
coco bloco 18 dagen geleden
Dolly's a national treasure. A genuinely kind and humble person not full of herself like so many other famous people . Or so insecure of herself that she'd underplay the fact that Houston made that song a huge hit and anthem to being in love..... She is the exact opposite of the president we have now.......
annette fournier
annette fournier 19 dagen geleden
Dolly is a great Lady. Business smarts too.
gkkes 19 dagen geleden
Angelina Jordan's cover of "I have nothing" is also astonishing. At 12 years old...
Sweta Shetty
Sweta Shetty 19 dagen geleden
It takes pure talent .. to acknowledge that someone made your version ..better !
Petrillo123 zbornak
Petrillo123 zbornak 19 dagen geleden
She must be sick of being asked about this - c’mon Graham, something new please!
Digital Carboot
Digital Carboot 19 dagen geleden
Be safe, everyone! @yesstyle 🍀10% - JEM10 + 🍀Friend's code 5% off - AMUD2G
JustWasted3HoursHere 19 dagen geleden
Believe it or not, Dolly Parton is *74 years old!* She has written over 3000 songs for herself and other people. She is still humble. She is truly an amazing human being.
Aunt Vesuvi
Aunt Vesuvi 19 dagen geleden
💜 #TheGrahamNortonShow #DollyParton #WhitneyHouston
Juls 20 dagen geleden
Dolly is grace and class personified! ❤️
Archduke of Belgrade
Archduke of Belgrade 20 dagen geleden
Dolly is a class act. One Legend respecting the other legend. Not being shady diva like some other artists, she said in her documentary that is Whitney's record now but it is my song.
John Cardiff
John Cardiff 12 dagen geleden
@Under the Surface Stunningly ignorant comment.
Under the Surface
Under the Surface 13 dagen geleden
Dolly knows business and marketing well, she just wants to keep her black audience
Veon Ray
Veon Ray 20 dagen geleden
Well said!
htownjesse 20 dagen geleden
Dolly, you rock!
Mark Milan Macanas
Mark Milan Macanas 20 dagen geleden
Whitney Houston's version of "I Will Always Love You" is the best-selling love song of all time so it must have made her a fortune too.
Kent 20 dagen geleden
Ha, in the thumbnail I thought that was Patsy!
Música gato amarelo
Música gato amarelo 20 dagen geleden
The Graham Norton Show olá sou o cantor e compositor Gato Amarelo e vim lhe desejar um maravilhoso dia junto com um pouco da minha arte: Música me perdoa -Eu acho que já percebeu que eu não sei viver sem um sorriso, Sem o seu abraço sem motivo sem carinho seu geitim, Eu sinto que eu não sou eu, Eu acho que já percebeu que eu não sei viver sem um sorriso, quero ti provar que dessa vez vai ser diferente, volta pra minha vida pelo amor de Deus, e vou aproveitar a oportunidade e lhe convidar para vim ouvir essa música
G Forcke
G Forcke 20 dagen geleden
Whitney’s version makes me cry every time ♥️
Carolina R.
Carolina R. 20 dagen geleden
Love you Dolly 🙏🏼💖🇧🇷
Jordan Patriarca
Jordan Patriarca 20 dagen geleden
Marcomanseckisax 20 dagen geleden
Strangely I heard just today Prof. Judge Elisa Hoven (Leipzig) claim the opposite - that Parton's version is so much better than Houston's.
Andrea M.
Andrea M. 20 dagen geleden
I'm so excited that the show is back!
Nehir Akın
Nehir Akın 20 dagen geleden
"Whitney can have the credit, I just want my cash." - Dolly Parton
Enemy 21 dag geleden
whitneys version is good. but it screams at you .. Dollys version is so much sweeter and genuine.
Sonia Leffell
Sonia Leffell 21 dag geleden
I love Dolly Parton. I like how she rolls! She has such a sense of fairness and kindness. May God continue to bless her. Fame DID NOT go to her head!
Alexagrigorieff 21 dag geleden
In case you're not aware, Dolly Parton in 74 years old.
norma desmond
norma desmond 19 dagen geleden
o, we are aware. We can see it because of all of the facelifts, the fillers and the botox.
Syah Nazmi
Syah Nazmi 21 dag geleden
Since nobody mentioned anything about it, Let me put it here: HOW CAN SHE LOOK LIKE THAT, at 73? I'M DUMBFOUNDED
David Smith
David Smith 19 dagen geleden
A lot of surgery, because she didn't look as good as she does now 10 years ago.
Samuel Anthony
Samuel Anthony 21 dag geleden
She truly did sing the song with the voice of a Angel. I still get goose bumps every time I hear it .
naila queen
naila queen 21 dag geleden
Dolly's version gives you beautiful feeling Whitney Houston version such a wonderful energy Magic
Therone Dawson
Therone Dawson 21 dag geleden
I I am not a true country music lover but I do like some country music. However I will always love Dolly Parton and thank you for writing a beautiful song that Whitney Houston took it to another level. You are country and you have class and style Miss Dolly Parton. You put a smile on my face.
ja b
ja b 21 dag geleden
And Whitney should('ve) be proud to sing a Dolly song. Dolly has a mind for business and thank God she never sold the rights to her songs.
Deion Houston
Deion Houston 21 dag geleden
Dolly has to be tired of talking about this! They ask her this question alllllllll the time
Nemo Spence
Nemo Spence 21 dag geleden
Dolly: "I don't think I will ever have a greater thrill ever."
MrZachariea1 17 dagen geleden
For those here saying her version is the best, this the right answer to clap their mouth
Jennifer Jenkins
Jennifer Jenkins 19 dagen geleden
Nemo Spence AMEN. Rest well, Whitney. ❤️
sgtgarcia52 21 dag geleden
Linda Ronstadt covered this song in 1975, on her album Prisoner in Disguise. Read somewhere that Kevin Costner owned the album, and suggested the song for the end of the Bodyguard movie, when the first song choice fell through. Whether that is true or not, Linda's version is stellar, of course. The album liner notes included handwritten lyrics by the songwriters, and I remember thinking that Dolly's handwriting looked so pretty and romantic, and suited her image perfectly.
melissa thompson
melissa thompson 21 dag geleden
That's funny. No shade on Whitney, but that song was iconic long before anyone covered it.
Odumosu Olusegun
Odumosu Olusegun 17 dagen geleden
@Nemo Spence AND NO 1 ALL OVER THE WORLD. uk/us/australia/asia
Nemo Spence
Nemo Spence 21 dag geleden
Iconic yes. But not many people were aware of it when it came out. Whitney's version was #1 for 14 consecutive weeks, which was a new record at that time, which ensured, more people would hear it.
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav 21 dag geleden
Kel Pradovich
Kel Pradovich 21 dag geleden
i love her... she is sooo awesome
Q K 21 dag geleden
jesus why do they keep asking dolly the same questions every interview of everything dolly has done! the track was supposed to be covered by patti labelle as dolly asked her but whitney took it b4 hand
Nemo Spence
Nemo Spence 21 dag geleden
Dolly should be asked about it more often now. Because Whitney's version will hit 1B this month.
TheGreatMrY 21 dag geleden
Dolly: "When I sang this song, I went to the bank. When Whitney sang it, I owned the bank." A LEGEND
Kwuan Brinson
Kwuan Brinson 21 dag geleden
This African-American male here🤚 loves the hell out of Dolly Parton. She's always been pure class all the way from day one. I fell in love with her original version because the lyrics were phenomenal but Whitney's version sent the song through the stratosphere. Dolly is a true iconic legend. If You Ain't Got Love is my favorite song by her though💛💗💛
Debra Pleska
Debra Pleska 18 dagen geleden
It's nice to see Dolly reaches all no matter who or what we all. Bottom line - We are All ONE in Gods eyes.
Debra Pleska
Debra Pleska 18 dagen geleden
You Kwuan are a class act too! I too love Dolly for ALL she is and does!!! Thanks for sharing your love for her Be Blessed & Stay Safe😊
Kwuan Brinson
Kwuan Brinson 20 dagen geleden
@Nemo Spence It's phenomenal. She sung it to Jed Clampett in the Beverly Hillbillies movie🙊By the way, I love that movie. Dolly was absolutely gorgeous in it.
Nemo Spence
Nemo Spence 21 dag geleden
I need to hear that song from Dolly.
Arikm7 21 dag geleden
She's also said that while she was heart-broken that Elvis never recorded it (because she would have had to give up ownership of the song to him), she was so glad that Whitney did it because in her words Whitney took it to a whole new level and she felt finally "justified" (her word) by Whitney's version. That song was written for Porter Wagoner who gave Dolly her break and helped her develop her musical abilities and stage presence. She wanted to go solo, he was a little bitter by that and the song was her way of saying "Thank you" for being her mentor, her teacher and guide. She was shocked as anybody at the stellar popularity of the song ala Whitney and was so grateful to her. Dolly had nothing but good things to say about Whitney as it put even more cash in her pockets and confirmed her business accumen.
G G 21 dag geleden
She’s so humble.
James Drynan
James Drynan 21 dag geleden
Dolly Parton is sublime! A survivor in a chew- you-up, spit-you-out profession, she re-invented herself many times and yet stayed true to herself. A remarkable feat in show biz. In sixties lingo, she is a groovy lady!
1776 memb
1776 memb 21 dag geleden
I love this woman. Why can’t all American Bible Belt people be like her
Psd 20 dagen geleden
Cos no matter what group we make, be it christians, atheists, muslims or whatever, be it whites, blacks, blues, browns, whatever....................only a handful will ever be good. Period. Only. A . handful. In. Any. Group. In the case of humans i.e. Wish all of us keep reminding ourselves this.
Daniel Baylis
Daniel Baylis 21 dag geleden
Dolly for President!
Ran Tk
Ran Tk 21 dag geleden
You're back with actual guests and an audience! We've missed this show so much. Very excited for new episodes!
Hoganply 21 dag geleden
Dolly's version feel more personal, in a different way at least. I want to say it's more raw.
ThomThom 21 dag geleden
Dolly's IWALY is plaintive and pleading. Whitney's IWALY is exalted and triumphant. Very few songs are so well written they work in ways that are such polar opposites. I miss Ms Whitney. Hugs to Ms Dolly.
Žurkulēns 22 dagen geleden
Meanwhile She is thinking, why i had never ever made this song that way, as Houston did???
norma desmond
norma desmond 19 dagen geleden
why would she? she made 50 million by whitneys version alone.
Challenge to get 100 subs with no vids
Challenge to get 100 subs with no vids 22 dagen geleden
The money dolly made after the Whitney cover was released is the money I can only dream of
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 22 dagen geleden
Dolly Parton is a legend
Maya 22 dagen geleden
HER LIPS, her FACE or lord I'm blind. Not many singers would sing praises for another singer, who did a cover of their song. True class👍🏼
saveyour country
saveyour country 22 dagen geleden
Congratulations Whitney Houston on being drug free for 5 years now.
Water Cream’s Palace
Water Cream’s Palace 20 dagen geleden
Whitney died 8 years ago....
Deandre Reed
Deandre Reed 22 dagen geleden
Your joke is in poor taste.
alexia gabriel
alexia gabriel 22 dagen geleden
Dolly Parton is a down-to-earth person. Her fame and success did not get to her head at all. Bless her!
Amanda Jarboe
Amanda Jarboe 22 dagen geleden
She is so generous, such a great heart . . I only wish Whitney could have heard her say that. I can only imagine how much it would have meant for her to hear.
Amanda Jarboe
Amanda Jarboe 19 dagen geleden
@Jennifer Jenkins That makes me happy to think that!! I can only imagine having a great artist who sang the song herself tell ME that she liked my version better?? I'd be on the floor!! I would treasure a compliment like that all my life :D
Jennifer Jenkins
Jennifer Jenkins 19 dagen geleden
Amanda Jarboe I think Whitney knew. Her cover of that song is a national treasure. One of Whitney’s very best - and that says a helluva lot in itself.
MJ 22 dagen geleden
she loved the checks she received.
1375chelsea 22 dagen geleden
Watch David Foster’s documentary in Netflix to know more about what Dolly Parton is talking about
Britty Wren
Britty Wren 22 dagen geleden
And that is why Dolly is a treasure!!!! What a class act.
Samiyo 22 dagen geleden
Dolly Parton, is very talented and humble.❤️🌹
carolyn thompson
carolyn thompson 22 dagen geleden
I love Dolly Parton. She is so sweet and talented. I've always loved her song as well. I prefer Carrie Underwood's version that they both performed here:
Rachel Sirett
Rachel Sirett 22 dagen geleden
Love Dolly. She is so down to earth. Such a lovely genuine lady. Love her music !! Xxx
Roli G
Roli G 22 dagen geleden
So lovely, so selfless!
thackergeorgina 22 dagen geleden
That song will always remind me of my eldest daughter as I heard it at least 4 times during labour as we were fortunate to have a radio on in our room at the hospital 🥰
Lisa M
Lisa M 22 dagen geleden
Another great reason to love Dolly, The Imagination Library. The lady puts her money where her mouth is.
Stephan Lazarz
Stephan Lazarz 22 dagen geleden
Timmy P
Timmy P 22 dagen geleden
Graham you and Conan O’Brien are my favorite talk show hosts. You both are the best at what you do in my opinion.
Rob Nova
Rob Nova 22 dagen geleden
Dolly has led such an interesting life... She has a few songs that are catchy but when Whitney sang her song, it was legendary....
Paul Daignault
Paul Daignault 22 dagen geleden
What a gracious, humble human being. I will always love ❤️ you Dolly and Whitney.
I love Dolly
ChrisCrashNow 22 dagen geleden
I think Graham Norton Show is the best Talk show on either side of the Atlantic. Everybody has a good time. Matt Damon said it for all of us, "This is the Most Fun I've Ever Had on a Talk Show"
shinybaldy 22 dagen geleden
She buys so many books for kids to read too. Such a kind person
PDC1987 22 dagen geleden
Dolly’s original is the infinitely superior song and piece of music, Whitney’s is the infinitely superior vocal from a technical perspective.
YeOldeOgre 22 dagen geleden
Heard an interview years ago where Dolly said she told Whitney that that song was "hers now".
PASwiftUTube 22 dagen geleden
Such a generous lady. Shows she is secure in her own abilities and isn’t threatened by the talents of others.
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