Imelda Staunton's Harry Potter Character Was The First For Social Distancing |The Graham Norton Show

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The Graham Norton Show

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Imelda Staunton on how Dolores Umbridge was the first for social distancing.
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The Chosen One
The Chosen One 29 dagen geleden
How could someone so lovely be a character I want to torture to death so badly.
Jonnny Ren
Jonnny Ren Maand geleden
Ooohhhh I seriously cannot wait for this lady to play Elizabeth for Seasons 5 and 6. 😊😊
Jean Grandas
Jean Grandas Maand geleden
Whenever I watch the film, I hate Umbridge with all my soul, but when you see her actress outisde the Harry Potter films, the feeling is kinda different. Is like it was a completely different person who played as Umbridge.
ssvegeto 2 maanden geleden
can't wait to see her as the Queen next =)
Tejas 2 maanden geleden
*"Hate the character, Respect the actor."*
Manipulative Person
Manipulative Person 2 maanden geleden
I had to see her in an interview, because her smile in the movie is really freaking me out.
I missed a joke
I missed a joke 3 maanden geleden
She made me hate Umbridge more than Voldemort...she is such a talented actress! David thank you for letting this woman act!
Mr Koala
Mr Koala 3 maanden geleden
Imelda hates Dolores but sge had fun playing as her Character
Chris Hitchen
Chris Hitchen 3 maanden geleden
Sign of how brilliant an actor she is.
naly202 3 maanden geleden
What is the connection between Umbridge and Coronavirus???? simple! Umbridge=Coronavirus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meggy Alcedo
Meggy Alcedo 4 maanden geleden
so loved it when the tweet said if coronavirus had a name, it would be dolores umbridge and she went “ooh!!” shocked and sorry 😂
Asher Potter The Gryffindor
Asher Potter The Gryffindor 4 maanden geleden
I really hated umbridge and it shows how great of an actor she is she's extraordinary a gold actor
Jay W11
Jay W11 5 maanden geleden
Does she not realise how horrid her character was in the Potter films? Hahaha
Erin Cromer
Erin Cromer 5 maanden geleden
What a FABULOUS kitchen.
Dana Muneer
Dana Muneer 5 maanden geleden
The actress is awesome! But the character is the worst
Ronni the cyberwitch 11:11
Ronni the cyberwitch 11:11 5 maanden geleden
The actress is a lot more likeabul then the character
Keyboardje 5 maanden geleden
I think only a really nice person would be able to portrait an evil one like Umbridge so perfectly :)
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon 5 maanden geleden
She's so deliciously, impeccable despicable as a character. Which is why it's a great performance.
Miguel Angel Nares
Miguel Angel Nares 5 maanden geleden
It's a shame Imelda Staunton does't do social media, I'll love to tel her how much I hate her character which means she did a marvelous acting work...
Esther Kristensen
Esther Kristensen 5 maanden geleden
Harry Potter is the bedst movie ever
sigma marry
sigma marry 5 maanden geleden
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Troy Hilario
Troy Hilario 5 maanden geleden
Hey Graham Norton( don’t know how to address you ) , Im a fan from Hong Kong and I had my English finals about you with your messages about loneness and your tough love. Can I ask if you allowed them to use your likeness for my exam?
Ty Tn
Ty Tn 5 maanden geleden
Imelda is such a great actress that she inhabits the role of Umbridge rather than merely "acting" it; I hated the character but was awed by the gifts of the actress portraying her.
Jason Habeck
Jason Habeck 5 maanden geleden
She played that character very well. Hated Umbridge in the book and even more in the movie.
YongHeng Ang
YongHeng Ang 5 maanden geleden
I'm sorry I know she's a phenomenal actress but I still hate her 😂😂
ONE-RAINY-DAY 5 maanden geleden
Let's take a moment and appreciate how this actress KILLED!!! her role as Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter
Parallaxus 5 maanden geleden
Umbridge was a better villain than Voldemort. Voldemort just made me laugh. Umbridge actually evoked feelings of anger and hostility in me. If I'm in the majority, one would think they'd have caught that in the design/inspiration phase of the movies.
ChrispyCritter 5 maanden geleden
I love Imelda and her husband Jim Carter. Her Dolores Umbridge was exactly how I pictured the character in my mind, although my evil Fourth Grade (Year 4) teacher would be in the running, too. I know that Jim has done so many characters as well, but to me he will always be "Deja Vu" from the movie Top Secret. "Haven't we met somewhere before, monsieur?" 😂🤣🤓
Pur9leRain 5 maanden geleden
Imelda is a brilliant actress. Her scene in Confession made me cry, I really felt her pain and shock.
Susan Chizmadia
Susan Chizmadia 5 maanden geleden
I think Imelda Staunton should be the next Miss Marple!
Chris Eli
Chris Eli 5 maanden geleden
Haven't seen anyone mention Pride (2014) in the comments yet, so here's me shouting out her incredible performance in that, and also just a stellar movie in general.
sleepingroses 3 maanden geleden
yes yes yes!!
Raven Uribes
Raven Uribes 5 maanden geleden
Am i the only one that is falling in love with harry potter all over again?
Lottie Millar
Lottie Millar 5 maanden geleden
i love her kitchen omg
Laurie G.
Laurie G. 5 maanden geleden
No groups, no socializing, no gatherings, all proclamations in the Harry potter movie.
Jaz Tee
Jaz Tee 5 maanden geleden
I love her kitchen
Rizal Albar
Rizal Albar 5 maanden geleden
The fact that we hated her character in the movie. It's a proof that she's a great actress. Believe me i'm not exaggerating, but when i'm in theater watch maleficent. I rolling my eyes while saying "Oh My God not this lady again". That's when i still didn't understand any concept like most of the commenter about good actor and bad actor. Why? Because i was 16 at the time.
Olivia Booth
Olivia Booth 5 maanden geleden
tubs666 5 maanden geleden
God she is so wholesome
Vicious Queen
Vicious Queen 5 maanden geleden
The fact that everyone despises Umbridge just proofs what a great actress Imelda is.
Arnold Agrees
Arnold Agrees 5 maanden geleden
she played that character so well that it made me hate her so much. she was so good that it made me think shes like that in real life. I still hate her for that character
Leticia Nascimento
Leticia Nascimento 5 maanden geleden
What an incredible actress
Hareka Tysiri
Hareka Tysiri 5 maanden geleden
That's a lovely kitchen she got there ❤
Christine Bennett-Martin
Christine Bennett-Martin 5 maanden geleden
I want her kitchen! :)
Water Niger
Water Niger 5 maanden geleden
*_Socially distance yourself and you will be rewarded Fail to do so and the consequences may be severe._*
Tan Williams
Tan Williams 5 maanden geleden
It's been years...and still we keep the harry potter flame 🔥
Liam Johnson
Liam Johnson 5 maanden geleden
Lets be honest we all hated her more than Voldemort
Ravenclaw Withaloveofgreen
Ravenclaw Withaloveofgreen Maand geleden
So I was lying the first time?
M. Ahsan
M. Ahsan 3 maanden geleden
Nah I hated voldemort more, he murdered Harry's parents and countless others
Carter Mahoney
Carter Mahoney 5 maanden geleden
Always have to turn off the movie or fast forward when she comes on screen
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 5 maanden geleden
Was *THE WORST!** Misspelled that in title, ye.
Zlatan 5 maanden geleden
Dolores was biggest villain in Harry Potter. Voldemort doesn't even come close. But Imelda is marvelous actress, villains are a lot harder to play than positive characters.
Fumetsu Dragons
Fumetsu Dragons 5 maanden geleden
and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you focus your lenses on a microwave.
Levvy Ralph
Levvy Ralph 5 maanden geleden
Bombarda maxima
Gabriel M
Gabriel M 5 maanden geleden
There are no words to do her justice. Just everything about her...🙌 Absolutely love! 💜
James Thompson
James Thompson 5 maanden geleden
Imelda is the best
Andito Lalamafu
Andito Lalamafu 5 maanden geleden
That degree installed on the wall of Hogwarts study room by Prof. Umbridge, Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix.
Dara Ann
Dara Ann 5 maanden geleden
She is a phenomenal actress! Can't wait to see her as the Queen in "The Crown".
Alwinna Borras
Alwinna Borras 4 maanden geleden
Omg yeah i remember that! She will play the role Queen Elizabeth ii? What about princess margaret?
winter Quay
winter Quay 5 maanden geleden
@Tanusha yes
Tanusha 5 maanden geleden
OMG is she really playing the role the queen after Olivia Colman?
Sara Girão Holm
Sara Girão Holm 5 maanden geleden
Gaby Ward
Gaby Ward 5 maanden geleden
someone explain how this woman is actually adorable yet can play such a detestable character
tigergreene 4 maanden geleden
@ipdipdu I don't know, Rickman always seemed cold and aloof interviews.
Evyen Biwer
Evyen Biwer 4 maanden geleden
Because she’s that good y’all.
Nicolo A
Nicolo A 5 maanden geleden
Tbh when I saw this clip on my feed, took me a whole week to watch because of how much I detested Dolores Umbridge!
ipdipdu 5 maanden geleden
Gaby Ward i read a quote about how the nicest of people are the greatest at playing evil characters. Her and Alan Rickman definitely prove this theory.
Ivy Ruonakoski
Ivy Ruonakoski 5 maanden geleden
Chelsea Keesler
Chelsea Keesler 5 maanden geleden
This just proves that any good idea can be twisted around and used for evil, lol. She’s such a great actress - I can’t imagine anyone else having played Umbridge, and I must not tell lies.
Zaki Boy
Zaki Boy 5 maanden geleden
She looks way too younger in the photo man!!
toast 5 maanden geleden
wait why didn’t I know she was so cute
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate 5 maanden geleden
I respect the actress, but I wanted her Umbridge character dead more than Voldemort. How I hate that Dolores Umbridge was right all along.
Jean Grandas
Jean Grandas 28 dagen geleden
I hated her too that much, but somehow, I actually much peferred seeing her in Azkaban than dead.
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate 5 maanden geleden
T B Agreed. Though she’d be third (Cersei and Joffrey) if Game of Thrones were movies.
Magnus Solberg
Magnus Solberg 5 maanden geleden
The fact that you hate the character so much just proves how good an actress she is
T B 5 maanden geleden
I feel the same. For me the most hateable charakter in movies ever.
yoroshiku 5 maanden geleden
I was going to say that Professor Trelawney was the first one because she very seldom went down to the Great Hall, but this proved that Umbridge was reinforced social distancing. Bravo.
angela beagle
angela beagle 5 maanden geleden
She's a marvellous actress. Just sawher in the mini series Flesh And Blood. She outshines every other actor when she's on screen.
coynie3 5 maanden geleden
"Boys and girls are not permitted to be within eight inches of each other" and in the book, students aren't allowed to congregate in groups of more than three. So yeah, it fits!
Herman Von Petri
Herman Von Petri 5 maanden geleden
@TomoyoYumemi That's very nearly the original meaning of the word "meme." Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins imagined that ideas could be thought of as little packets of information hijacking peoples' brains to spread themselves like infections. He called these infectious ideas "memes."
TomoyoYumemi 5 maanden geleden
So ideas spead like a virus, from person to person
BHuang92 5 maanden geleden
I shudder to think if Umbridge was in charge of whatever the wizarding world has to a public health and safety department...............
D'artagnan Kuwabara
D'artagnan Kuwabara 5 maanden geleden
Super talented woman she is!
Ludwig's Unholy Spade
Ludwig's Unholy Spade 5 maanden geleden
What a lovely kitchen!
janixia83 5 maanden geleden
Exactly what I was thinking...
mrbear1302 5 maanden geleden
I want that kitchen!
Kirsty Hill
Kirsty Hill 5 maanden geleden
im so early help
Funky Pie
Funky Pie 5 maanden geleden
*So she was original one 😂*
idvs 234
idvs 234 5 maanden geleden
Omg I'm early
mrbear1302 5 maanden geleden
better get to the doctor quick!!!!!!
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